Astronomy 20L

In Astronomy 20 the student will take a journey through the universe to explore everything from the potential for extraterrestrial life to the evolution of stars and galaxies.

Unique Electives, high-school-catalogue, science, Science-focused


Science 10, Workplace and Apprenticeship Mathematics 10 or Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10 recommended


Online Asynchronous


Elective 20

What Will I Learn?

This course explores deep questions about the universe from a scientific perspective such as, what is the origin of life, how do stars form and die and what is the fate of the universe?

Students will have the opportunity to navigate across the night sky to locate constellations, planets and other celestial objects.

Units of Study

Life in the universe

Astronomy as a Science

Telescope construction and operation

Night sky navigation

The origin, evolution and fate of stars

Introduction to cosmology


No Proctored Exams

Course Materials

You Will Need software

Supplied by the DLC

Galileoscope (to be returned upon completion)

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