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Welcome to Saskatchewan Distance Learning Centre (Sask DLC). Sask DLC is a fully accredited online school that offers Kindergarten to Grade 12 online education to Saskatchewan students of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re a Kindergarten student starting your academic journey, a high school student wanting to expand your current education, or an adult looking to graduate or upgrade your education, we can help.

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Students choose to learn from Sask DLC for many different reasons. Some are full-time Sask DLC students who learn from home, some are part-time Sask DLC students attending their local high school and taking a unique class online and some are adults who are looking to graduate or upgrade their marks. Which option is right for you?

What is Sask DLC?

Learning Online at Sask DLC

Sask DLC is a fully accredited online school for Saskatchewan students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. Students have the flexibility to enroll as a full time K-12 student or as a part-time high school student. They have the opportunity to connect and receive instruction from local teachers virtually or at one of 10 locations across the province.

What additional student supports are available?

Sask DLC offers a variety of additional supports and services for students including access to speech-language pathology, educational psychology and professional counselling supports. To inquire about counselling, please email [email protected].

Is it free to attend Sask DLC?

As with in-class learning in Saskatchewan, Sask DLC online courses are free to students up to the age of 22, as course fees are paid by your local school or school division. Adult students will be able to access courses as well and will pay tuition for each course.

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Saskatchewan Distance Learning Centre provides Kindergarten to Grade 12 courses to Saskatchewan students who choose to study online. We empower students and families to choose the learning environment that works best for them, while supporting their graduation plan.