Refund Policy

Students have 15 days from the selected start date of their course to drop it and not be charged the $500 course fee. Any courses dropped after that date will not be refunded.

The start date of the course is not the registration date, it is the day students begin the course. This date typically aligns with the start of Semester 1 or 2, but it may vary if the school or student chose a different start date during registration. School divisions will not be invoiced for students who drop the course within 15 days of starting.

The drop date for Summer School courses is July 8. Students who drop their course by this date will receive a full refund of any course fees they have paid.

Saskatchewan Distance Learning Centre provides Kindergarten to Grade 12 courses to Saskatchewan students who choose to study online. We empower students and families to choose the learning environment that works best for them, while supporting their graduation plan.