Computer Science 20

In Computer Science 20, students will explore the history of computers, consider the impact of computers on society, and learn the fundamentals of computer programming.

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Science 10


Online Asynchronous


Science 20 or Elective 20

What Will I Learn?

Students will gain related vocabulary with an improved ability to understand and write code in several coding languages. This course is intended for beginners with no previous coding experience. However, students with previous coding experience will benefit from improved skills through their work in the course.

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Units of Study

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

Introduction to Computational Thinking

Introduction to Computing Hardware & Software

Computers and Society - Social Media, Data Security and Privacy

Fundamentals of Programming in Python

Student Directed Programming Project


No Proctored Exams

Course Materials

You Will Need

Access to a computer with reliable internet
Access to ONE of the following machines/operating system options:

- A windows PC or laptop, and have the ability to install software (Thonny)
- A Mac PC or laptop, and have the ability to install software (Thonny)
- A PC or laptop running a current version of LINUX
- A Chromebook - NOTE - Linux MUST be enabled on the Chromebook

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