Creative Writing 20

Students delve into four unique genres of creative prose, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and script writing.


English Language Arts A10 or English Language Arts B10


Online Asynchronous


Elective 20 or Elective 20

What Will I Learn?

Students will read, dissect, and compose literature in each genre while learning to identify the elements of each form and applying their knowledge to produce original pieces of creative writing.

After completing each of the modules, students will work on refining their own written pieces, which become part of their final portfolio. Not only does this portfolio allow a writer to showcase their written work, it will be a valuable asset if pursuing a writing career in the future.

Units of Study

Fiction & short stories

Script writing




No Proctored Exams

Course Materials

You Will Need

Access to audio recording equipment (a smart phone will be sufficient)
A list of appropriate apps will be provided by your instructor

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