Sask DLC Partners With Saskatchewan Autobody Association To Provide Hands-On Learning For Students


November 17, 2023


The Saskatchewan Distance Learning Centre (Sask DLC) and the Saskatchewan Association of Autobody Repairers (SAAR) have signed a one-year partnership to enhance student learning with work placement options for high school students taking online Autobody courses.

Through this agreement, SAAR will invest $20,000 and provide their industry expertise to assist in coordinating work placements for high school students enrolled in Sask DLC’s Autobody courses in the 2023-24 school year. Students enrolled in the courses will complete online theory and a work placement in one of the SAAR member locations across Saskatchewan.

“Through this partnership, students will have the opportunity to apply their theory knowledge in a real-world environment and gain valuable experience in the autobody industry,” Minster Responsible for the Sask DLC Jeremy Cockrill said. “Not only will this opportunity benefit student learning but it will also contribute to our goal of developing a highly skilled and highly educated population that will contribute to the success of our province.”

Students enrolled in Autobody 10 will have the option to take 75 hours of online theory and 25 hours of work placement at a local business. Students taking Autobody 20A or 20B courses will take 50 hours of online theory and 50 hours of a work placement at a local business. You can learn more about the courses and how to register at

“Through this agreement, we are able to connect students with hands-on learning opportunities in communities around Saskatchewan, making these courses more accessible,” Chief Executive Officer of Sask DLC Darren Gasper said. “Providing students choice, flexibility and mentorship in their learning while they explore future career opportunities is a priority of the Sask DLC.”

SAAR is a non-profit organization of automotive repairers and associated firms who are dedicated to the promotion and development of the autobody industry in Saskatchewan.  

“The Saskatchewan Association of Automotive Repairers wholeheartedly support the work education program provided by the Sask DLC,” SAAR Executive Director Tom Bissonnette said. “Our industry, like many others, has an aging workforce and we are looking for fresh young faces to join our over 150 member shops, not to mention our 50 plus supplier members. The opportunities for young people have never been more exciting and diverse in the collision industry than they are today.”

The Sask DLC is Saskatchewan’s provincial online learning provider, dedicated to providing high-quality Kindergarten to Grade 12 learning opportunities for Saskatchewan students. The Sask DLC has more than 120 online high school courses available for students to choose from, including more than 70 unique electives covering a wide range of subject areas such as agriculture, business, creative arts, technology, trades and wellness.


Students and families interested in learning more can contact the Sask DLC at 306-252-1000 or [email protected].


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Posted on: November 16th, 2023

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