English Language Arts A30 (ELA A30)

Students explore the influences that create Canadian culture and identity through Canada's diverse landscapes and peoples.


ELA 20


Online Asynchronous OR Live Broadcast


ELA 30

What Will I Learn?

Students will explore how Canadian culture and identity is influenced through peoples history, diversity and geography.

Online Live Broadcast OR Asynchronous Courses

Students have the option to enroll in the ELA A30 live broadcast synchronous course OR the ELA A30 online asynchronous course.

  • Live broadcast synchronous: students attend a live broadcast at a specific time, every school day. If you're interested in enrolling in the synchronous course, please review the live broadcast details and schedule.

  • Online asynchronous: students can take ELA A30 anywhere, anytime.

Units of Study

Canadian perspectives – distinct and rich

Canadian landscapes – diverse and dynamic


No Proctored Exams

Course Materials

You Will Need

Audio recording equipment (a SMART phone will be sufficient)

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