Physical Science 20

Students will investigate what happens to the energy gained or lost by heating and cooling processes, and explore how mirrors reflect and refract light and create images.

Science-focused, high-school-catalogue, live broadcast


Science 10


Online Asynchronous OR Live Broadcast


Science 20 or Elective 20

What Will I Learn?

Students will combine chemistry and physics in an integrated manner to investigate concepts related to heating and cooling, the foundations of chemistry, including the mole and quantitative analysis of molecules and chemical reactions, and the characteristics and properties of waves. Check out the Sask DLC's Science pathways.

Online Asynchronous OR Live Broadcast

Students have the option to enroll in the Physical Science 20 online asynchronous course OR the Physical Science 20 live broadcast synchronous course.

  • Online asynchronous: students can take Physical Science 20 anywhere, anytime.

  • Live broadcast synchronous: students attend a live broadcast at a specific time, every week. If you're interested in enrolling in the Physical Science 20 synchronous course, please review the live broadcast details.

Units of Study

Properties of waves


Foundations of chemistry

Student directed study project

Career exploration


This course requires a final exam to be supervised by a proctor

Course Materials

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